We Had An Amazing Time at Tanglewood Village. This was our very first stop after moving into our RV fulltime. I’m confident that there was a certain bit of euphoria that played into these feelings about this RV stop. But honestly, Vero Beach Florida is a beach town. Who doesn’t love beaches?

Tanglewood Village has a large snowbird population. There are some full time residents and there are several RV spots that can accommodate those like us who are just passing through. It was unfortunate that we were stuck for 3 months in one spot waiting for RV repairs and parts. But being stuck in Vero Beach isn’t a bad thing to be sure. The locals took us right in. We were playing BINGO, enjoying movie nights and game nights right away. We fell in love with our neighbors and made friends for life.

Our space was not very private. There was a decent space between spots though. Some spots may have a little more privacy but from what we could tell most of the RV spots are wide open with no tree coverage.

Sadly, there is a criminal element that does prey upon unsuspecting visitors. You’ll need to keep all of your belongings on lock down. We had 3 very expensive bikes stolen from us during our stay and had to file two police reports. After our first bike was stolen we put up “Blink” cameras all over the RV. Then we caught a thief coming back for more and he basically made a High Definition motion picture for us as he stole our bikes. The police were able to apprehend the ill fated suspect within a few days as a result. We never did get our bikes back but the thief is going to jail and being charged with a felony due to the dollar amount of the property stolen.

We left this park with very mixed feelings. Lamenting the fact that our bikes were stolen while also being sad about the friends we were leaving behind.

It is worth mentioning the ducks. We had a lot of fun watching the few variety of duck that waddled about daily. There is a lake at the center of this retirement community and it housed ducks, many species of bird along with fish and turtles. Didn’t see any gators but plenty of mosquitos and flies were about.

Our Park Ratings

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Yes. We have family in the area and though we learned some hard lessons with thievery we believe that we are in a better position to protect ourselves next. Our neighbors were great and we look forward to visiting them again as well.


Overall Rating

As stated above, there were some really great things about this park and some really disappointing things about this park. They truly need to upgrade their security to protect their visitors. There are too many homeless people on a regular basis wondering the park. They do try to remove the homeless people though.

Site Quality

There was no fire ring, no grill and very little park security, if any. The spaces are fairly wide but no privacy.


A nice swimming pool. Great activity nights for the whole community during Snowbird season. There was a nice club house and decent laundry facilities. There is no shower. Which isn’t a big deal due to full hookups.

Site Hookups

The site had 50 amp service, water and sewer hookups. The water pressure wasn’t great but it was fairly clean. With a little filtering it tasted fine.


It is fairly easy to manuever a large RV in this park. Parking wasn’t much of a challenge because the spaces are wide open.


The park has a great maintenance guy that keeps it clean and free from debris after heavy rains. The club house, bathrooms and pool area were always clean.


Starlink RV was getting speeds of well over 100mbps down and 10mbps out. The lack of trees and obstruction is a big help.


Decent cell phone from our Verizon carrier and T-mobile for our Nomad Internet.

Cell Data Router

We were using Nomad Internet on the T-mobile network. The cell signal was great, the Nomad router was lacking. We had marginal access with this router.

This is a video of the theives we caught stealing out stuff at Tanglewood Village.