Our Favorite Items

Moving into an RV is obviously an entirely different world. Things that were important at your “sticks-n-bricks” house often become meaningless and there are a whole slew of things that you need for your RV. Important things that make your life easier and more functional.

Here we will list our favorite items. These items can be found most of the time on Amazon. The links we are sharing are affiliate links. So if you do click on these links to purchase the item we will get a small commission. Such a thing is much appreciated. We will also be listing items that are not on Amazon. Those items you would get directly from the manufacturer and we do not get a commission. No worries. We just want to share our journey with you.

Thanks for your support and touring our website.

RV Security

Blink Outdoor Security Camera System

When we first started full time RV’ing it became paramount that we had to protect our belongins. Thieves are thieves and when you travel around quite a bit there is no doubt that you’ll run into nefarious individuals who would like to take your property. This blink camera system is great for home owners and RV’ers. They are outdoor and weatherproof cameras. We did a whole YouTube video about how we caught a theif stealing our bikes. These cameras captured him in very high quality video.

Get The Cameras Here.

Twist Mount For Blink Cameras

The Captain can be handy, to a degree. But, why drill holes in an RV in order to mount security cameras? Water damage is the one thing that cannot be covered by any type of RV insurance. These twist mounts make it easy to mount your cameras anywhere you setup camp. On a nearby tree, your door rail or anything that these durable twist mounts can cling to. This is highly recommended…by The Captain.

Get The Twist Mounts Here.

Ring Outdoor Contact Sensor

This outdoor contact sensor is simply great! We used these on our outdoor cargo doors. They are weather proof too. Whenever the alarm is on and one of these doors are opened the whole neighborhood will hear the alarm. Super duper easy to install and very durable. As well, the app on your phone will warn you when any of these doors are opened up. Even if you are away from your RV you’ll get a notice. This is an absolute for us. The peace of mind will offer a much better sleep. Particularly if you are off the grid.

These sensors do require the Ring Alarm base station to function.

Get These Contact Sensors Here.

Ring Base Station - 5 Piece Kit

We decided to get both Ring alarm and Blink cameras. We did this because each served a different purpose for us. You will need the Ring base station in order for the contact sensors to work. But the Ring system is highly expandable. You can add water sensors to use under your sinks. Add more sensors, cameras if you like and so on. Do not use these indoor contact sensors for your outside cargo doors. They will fail and wake you up in the middle of the night, we know from experience…lol. It is less expensive to buy the 5 piece kit rather than just buying the base station. It’s very, very easy to install and setup.

Get The 5 Piece Kit Here.

RV Internet

Mofi 5500 4GLte Router

This router has become our entire solution for roaming Internet in our RV. We’ve gone through Starlink and Nomad Internet thus far. This Mofi Router is the undesputed champion. After you purchase the equipment the monthly expense is much less than any other solution we can imagine. It is so highly versatile, you can use any carrier you want, have multiple sim cards for multiple carriers. Hands down, this is an amazing find for us. Our Internet is incredibly inexpensive now and completely dependable. We are certain you will feel the same. Watch this video about our comparison between different Internet providers.

Get Our Mofi Router Here.

Netgear Orbi Tri-band Mesh Network

No matter if we are using Starlink, Mofi or any other type of router we always connect this second tier router mesh network. It is more secure, it allows data to flow faster inside and outside of your RV and you can easily setup a guest network for your visiting friends and even neighbors. A guest network will keep outside devices from potentially causing security leaks on your main network. There is no doubt that you’ll want a mesh network if you are experiencing data bottlenecks/buffering in your RV.

Get The Orbi Mesh Network Here.

RV Accessories

Water Filter

Kintim 3 Stage in 1 RV Water Filter

Everyone seems to use the oblong shaped light blue water filter at campgrounds. You know, the one that may be filtering some sediment but the water tastes horrible. We use that filter too. But we’ve added this filter as a secondary filter and what a differnence it makes. Kintim states that it removes all kinds of nastiness…and we agree. We’ve been using this filter for for almost a year now. We buy replacement filters every 3 months. Here is what Kintim says. “The cartridge can remove sediments, 99.5% of chlorine, 95.78% of chloroform, 99.5% of iron, 98.7% of manganese, 99.2% of lead, 98.8% of arsenic, odors, bad tastes and more”

You can purchase it here.

RV Water Filter

Kintim 10x4.5 inches Activated Carbon Block Water Filter

We purchase this replacement filter for our Kintim 3 Stage In 1 RV Water Filter. When you view the comparison between a used filter and a new filter you can clearly see how much crap this filter pulls out of the water supply. Some campgrounds have better water than others but this filter can catch a ton of nastiness that you would otherwise be showering in, cooking with, giving to your dogs etc…

You Can Get The Replacement Filter Here.

Telescoping Ladder For Our RV

BIVATIA 12.5 Ft Smartsafe Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

This telescoping ladder is fantastic. The RV ladder that comes attached to your RV does not inspire stability or safety. This telescoping ladder is the right price and it allows us to easily and safely get on our roof to inspect, clean and clear the gutters. It makes RV maintenance so much easier. As well, it does not take up much room at all in storage.

You Can Get This Ladder Here.

RV Stabilizer Blocks

OX BLOX MAXX, for 9" Round Feet

When we first started RV’ing we were using those square plastic thingies that most RV’s use. But they were not sturdy enough. Inevitably, the RV would wobble side to side and slowly become uneven due to the lack of stability.

We highly recommend these stabalizing blocks. Wow, what a difference these make. Particularly for longer visits. These offer an amazing amount of weight distribution to keep the wobbling of your RV to a minimum.

The Ox Blox series has blocks for both travel trailers and 5th wheels. Be sure to get the right blox for your RV. Below you can purchase the Ox Blox for 5th wheels.

Get Ox Blox Maxx Here.