RV Internet

In modern day society the internet has increasingly become important for most of us to do business and thrive. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to be so dependent on technology. Yet, we are. Particulularly The Captain. We work from the RV, stream our TV and are attached to unlimited broadband like most people.

Getting consistent, reliable, fast and unlimited internet while we travel across the country does pose challenges. We are constantly looking for the best high speed solution available. We consider usability and price in our decision making process.

Currently, we are using Starlink as our main internet solution. But, Starlink RV does not work everywhere we stay. Especially in areas that are heavily wooded. Though Starlink RV is a degraded service compared to the service they provide to actual sticks and bricks users, it still gets the job done for us, mostly. We have to have a backup plan. Being without internet for more than a few days is not an option.

We will be cataloging which internet options we are using and testing. We will continue to provide insight, speed testing and reviews for different services and routers. If you have any questions, please ask. Contact us here. We are happy to help as much as we can.

You can watch our ongoing RV internet series here.

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Starlink RV

As mentioned earlier, Starlink RV is our main source of Internet. It works 80% of the time for us. We get great speeds and are able to manage our internet needs fairly easily. As well, Starlink is teaming up with T-Mobile to shar data spectrum. You can watch that video here. If you wish to watch all of our video tests and reviews thus far, you can watch them here.

Mofi 5500 Router

This router is one of the most advanced routers that The Captain has come across. The exact model number of the router we use MOFI5500-5GXeLTE-EM7690. It is an important distinction. This particular model is not a 5G router. But it can pull 5 seperate bands to combine them all into one high speed connection. This router can take any sim card. We added a sim card via our Verizon cell phone plan. We also run our Starlink connection directly to this router, thus it acts as a fail safe. If Starlink goes down, the sim card picks up. It serves as our backup when Starlink RV is not working. Watch this video to get more insight into this router and why we love it so much.

Nomad Air FX2000e-3

We have recently received this router from Nomad Internet to test it along side our other options. This router is manufactured by Inseego. It is one of Inseego’s middle of the road routers, there are more advanced options available. However, this router is fairly robust. It is a 5G router. It pulls fast and consistent speeds. Nomad offers an unlimited interner plan with this router on the Verizon network. You can watch our review video here.

Here is our blog review of this router (coming soon).

Nomad Internet is offering a 10% discount to our friends. Use code “Michele” or you can click on this link here.

Orbi Tri-band Mesh Network

If you are not familiar with a “mesh” network it is a set of access points that will repeat your internet signal over a wider area. This is Netgear’s Orbi Tri-band Wifi Mesh Network. The main router receives the signal from your incoming internet signal via ethernet cable. In our case, we run the LAN (local area network) port directly to the Orbi. Then the signal broadcasts to the other Orbi satelites. This allows for our internet signal to cover much, much more ground on the outside of the RV. We put one satelite in the front of the RV and one in the back of the RV. Each Orbi satelite also has a LAN output if you want to hardwire something to the network. If you are interested in our mesh network, Get it here.